2-Mercaptoethanol (βME)

A kind of cheap transfer agent for the synthesis of PCE.


Commodity Name:

2-Mercaptoethanol,  β-mercaptoethanol, BME, 2BME, 2-ME or β-met, βME

Chemical Structure:


CAS Number :


Product Features:

2-mercaptoethanol is used as a new chain transfer agent in China in processes where control of molecular weight is critical.


βME is considered toxic, causing irritation to the nasal passageways and respiratory tract upon inhalation, irritation to the skin, vomiting and stomach pain through ingestion, and potentially death if severe exposure occurs. Avoid contact with fire and hot sources. Be extremely careful in handling.

Product Type:

Liquid (99.5%, 98.5%, 97.5%)

Density (20℃) kg/cubic meter: 1110~1118

Packaging & Storage:

200kg drum, 100 kg IBC TANK, or packed according to customer requirements