Maleic Anhydride (MAH)

An auxiliary comonomer for the synthesis of polycarboxylate superplasticizer

Maleic Anhydride

Commodity Name:

cis-Butenedioic anhydride, 2,5-Furanedione, Maleic acid anhydride, MAH

Chemical Structure:


CAS Number :


Product Features:

Since the maleic acid molecule has a double bond and two carbonyl groups, it is rich in reactivity and has good biodegradability.

Maleic anhydride has a very broad range of uses from food additives to industrial applications.

  • Synthetic resin raw material (unsaturated polyesters)
  • Paints and coatings
  • Resin modifiers
  • Vinyl chloride stabilizers
  • Food additives
  • Agricultural chemicals
  • Paper sizing agents
  • Imides
  • Surfactants


When handling, avoid contact with eyes and skin by using proper protective equipment such as goggles and gloves.  If skin contact occurs, wash immediately with soap and water.

Product Type:

White crystals powder (99.5%)

Packaging & Storage:

25 kg of plastic bags with PE liners, 25 kg PP woven bags, or packed according to customer requirements.